Replacing the Passenger Compartment Air Filter

Jeffreyw1 wanted to know how to change the passenger compartment air filter.  Being the curious sort, I went digging into the owner's manual.  I found the instructions on page 6-20 of my 2001 manual.  Boy is that a lousy picture.  I figured I could do a better job than Chevy did.  So armed with my manual, screwdriver, and fingers crossed that I wouldn't screw up my car, I set to work.

NOTE:  I deviated from the manual in a few areas.  First off, the manual says to disconnect the windshield washer pump hose from the fender rail and the air inlet grille.  There was no clip holding the hose to the fender rail.  Also it says to do this before repositioning the hood weatherstrip.  The hose ran under the weatherstrip, so it made more sense to move the weatherstrip before moving the hose.  It also said to remove the air deflector grille after removing the air inlet grille.  My car didn't have an air deflector grille.  I say this because there could be a difference between the 2000 and 2001 models.  If you have a 2000, you may have to do things a little different than I have outlined here

Here is your starting point.
To gain access to the air inlet grill, you need to get the wiper blades out of the way.  Turn your ignition key to ON and turn on your wipers.  Turn off your ignition when the blades are in the up position.
Pop your hood.

Before we start, take a good look at how everything is arranged.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  You would hate to be finishing up and not remember exactly how everything fit back together.  If you are really worried about this, get a cheap camera and take lots of photos.  I have done this on occasion when I was working on my other car.
The filter is on the passenger side of the car.  Here you can see the three retainers that hold the air inlet grille down.  The center one is a nut type and the other two are the push in type.
Here is a close up of the windshield washer pump hose (A) and the hood weatherstrip (B).
You can see that the hose goes under the hood panel bumper and the weatherstrip.
Pull off the weatherstrip.  If you look at the arrow, you can see what holds the weatherstrip to the car.  It is simply pushed on to the metal edge and no glue is used.  The material is pretty strong, but exercise care not to tear it.  A firm pull will ease the weatherstrip off.
Peel the weatherstrip back halfway to the center.  You can just leave it sitting on the engine.
This is one of the clips holding the windshield wiper pump hose (A).  You can also see how the hose goes under the hood panel bumper (B).  Remember this because you have to put it back that way.
Unclip the hose and relocated it out of the way.
These are two of the retainers that have to come off (A).  The one on the left is a push in style and the one on the right is the nut type.  You can also see how the hose was relocated (B).
This is the retainer that is closer to the center of the car (A).  It is the push in style. You can also see how the hose was moved (B) and another clip that holds the hose in place

Don't tease, show me the rest!
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