Interior/Exterior Lamps - Flicker
May, 2001

Subject:  Interior and Exterior Lamps Vary in Brightness (Replace Generator Voltage Regulator Ground Screw)

Models:  2000-2001 Chevrolet Impala (With 3800 Engine and Police or Taxi Package), 2000-2001 Chevrolet Venture, 2000-2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette, 2000-2001 Pontiac Montana


Some customers may comment that the interior and/or the exterior lamps vary in intensity (flicker).


Replace the voltage regulator attaching screw with the screw and washer from the service kit following the procedure outlined.
  1. Disconnect the battery cable.
  2. Remove the wiper module cover (U-Van).
  3. Remove the voltage regulator ground screw (1).  (This is the recessed screw located 1/3 of the way from the large battery cable attachment to the generator harness.)  Use a stubby # 2 Phillips screwdriver to break it loose and then loosen the screw with a small pocket screwdriver.  The screw may hang up on the plastic cover on the rear of the generator.  If this happens, use a pocket screwdriver inserted between the screw and the cover.  The screw will pop out when a little sideways pressure is applied.
  4. Install the screw and washer from the kit through the voltage regulator and into the generator case.
  5. Tighten the screw securely.
  6. Replace the wiper module cover.
  7. Reconnect the battery cable.  Tighten the cable to 15 N.m (11 lb ft).

Parts Information

Parts are currently available from GMSPO.
Part Number Description
10316685 Kit, Screw for Bosch Generator

Warranty Information

Labor Operation Description Labor Time
Screw, Voltage Regulator Mounting 0.2 hr
Screw, Voltage Regulator Mounting 0.3 hr
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