I thought the airbag warning decals on the visors looked pretty tacky.  They put a warning in the owners manual, they put a warning flag on the glove box door, did they really need on on each visor?

Here is the warning on the driver's side visor.
Luckly, the labels peel off easily.  Just use a fingernail to lift a corner and gently lift the label from the cloth. You can use your other hand to hold the cloth down so you don't stretch it too much.

Tip from Sam:  Go slowly.  If you rip the sticker off too quickly, you might take off some of the surface texture and leave a flat spot in the cloth.  Also, if there is any sticky residue, you can use a solvent called "Oops" that will remove it, but not damage the cloth.

Note:  I have used this product and it works pretty well.  However I have never used it on cloth so I recommend that if you test it on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn't damage the fabric.

 Larry attempted to remove the sticker from his Impala and it left a sticky mess.  He suggests heating the sticker with a hair dryer first.
The nap of the cloth underneath looked different from the surrounding area.  I just rubbed it a bit and it blended right in.
A much cleaner look.

If you plan to do this, I would advise you to do it soon after you get your car.  As time passes, the interior heat will start to melt the adhesive into the cloth.  Also, if you keep your visor flipped down, the sun could break down the label and it will come off in pieces.