Installing a SS Spoiler

Danny ordered an aftermarket SS spoiler and installed it on his car.

The spoiler comes with six mounting holes, two at the outside edge, two in the center and two more near cutout area for the brake light.  The installation process is as follows: the holes have metal threads and they provide studs with pointed ends that go into these holes.  After they are installed, position the spoiler on the trunk deck and press down.  The studs dimple the metal and you drill those out.  Remove the studs and mount the spoiler.
Of course it doesn't work as easily.  Danny was able to mark the outer holes that way, but the inner ones kept moving around.  He applied the adhesive seals onto the inner holes and marked them with a Sharpie.  While the ink was still wet, he pressed it onto the trunk and the marks transferred.  He wasn't able to manage the holes around the third brake light.  In fact, those holes didn't have threads and one of the studs ended up in the spoiler.
Even with the issues he faced, Danny says it was worth it.  The spoiler looked great, fit well, and was priced right.  If you are interested, visit Spoiler Depot.