The Rear Molded Splash Guards

I mentioned that the rear molded splash guards for the 2000 Impala (part no. 12496350) will not fit on a 2001 model.  Chevy apparently did a minor mod to the rear wheelwell.  There used to be a depression in the rear of the wheelwell.  In the 2001 model, they made it flat.  jeffreyw1 from the Impala discussion group on Edmunds modified a set to fit a 2001 Impala.  You will have to cut part of the guard, but it should fit.  I did order a set, test fit it to my car and verified that it does not match.  Unfortunately I returned the pair without photographing it.  I also have been unable to photograph the rear wheelwell of a 2000 model so I could compare it to my 2001.  However Platour from the same discussion group kindly took photos of the guards for me.  

Here is the rear molded splash guard.   I believe this one is for the passenger side.  You are looking at the side that would be touching the car body.
I wiped out the background of the photo to focus on the guard itself.
This is the offending part.  If you trim off this section, it should fit.  I have NOT done this personally.  However I have been told it can be done and it works.
Kevin sent me a photo of the guard that he modified to fit his car.  The word on the grapevine is that Chevy has pulled the existing rear guard from stock and will be issuing a redesigned one.  No official word on this yet.

I was able to locate a 2000 Impala and got comparison photos of the rear wheelwells of a 2000 and 2001 Impala.  You can see the slight differences between the two and why the 2000 rear moulded splash guard must be trimmed to fit a 2001.
This is the rear wheelwell of a 2000 Impala.
This is the rear wheelwell of a 2001 Impala.