As you many have surmised, we now know what the two connectors in the trunk are.  Dura, Platour and Mediumfry all got together and produced the answer.  Mediumfry was able to find out what the connectors were for and even provided the pin-outs.

The two connectors are on the passanger side of the trunk.
One is under the side lip of the fender.  The other one is under the package shelf, next to the speaker.
Side view, in the trunk.  Here you can see one connector near the top of the trunk liner.  The other one is more forward.
This is connector "A" from the previous photo.  There is a little slack in the wire that has been taped up into place.  This has been identified as the CD Changer harness.
This is the side view of connector "A".
This is a circuit diagram with the wire colors.

Here is the harness connections that Mediumfry provided:
Pin 1 orange/black remote playback device left audio signal.
Pin 2 lt green remote playback device right audio signal.
Pin 3 Lt Blue Remote playback device audio common signal.
Pin 4 bare drain wire.
Pin 5 orange Battery positive.
Pin 6 not used.
Pin 7 black wire ground.
Pin 9 and 8 unused.
Pin 10 Gray wire Audio Class 2 Serial Data.
Here is connector "B." To see this one, you really have to be lying in the trunk.  This has been identified as the harness for the sunroof.
This is connector "B" looking into the plug.  There are five connectors, four on top and one in the lower left corner.
This is a circuit diagram with the wire colors.

Here is the harness connections that Mediumfry provided:
The four connectors on top of the diagram are labeled A thru D left to right.  E thru H are across the bottom left to right.
A is Yellow and is accessory voltage.
B is Black and is Ground.
C is Black (may have appeared brown) and is Sunroof Switch open signal.
D is Dark Blue and is Sunroof Switch Low Reference.
E is Orange and is Sunroof Switch Open Signal.
F-H are not used.

Thank you again to everyone who helped find out what these connectors were for.  Since I do not have a sunroof, I am wondering if I can use that as a power source for something.  A power point in the trunk may come in useful.   A number of people have recommended online sources for CD changers, so I may look into that.  I have been told that the changer works as follows:  if you do not have the CD head unit, you press the CD button on your radio and it will switch to the changer.  If you have the CD head unit, you press CD once to activate the head unit CD player.  Press the CD button again and the display will read "CD AUX" and it switches to the changer.

Ok, a CD changer upgrade may not be as easy as plugging in the unit.  The latest news is the existing cable is NOT connected to the head unit.  The connector on the head unit and the cable do not match up so you need some sort of jumper.  When I get more information, I'll post it here.