One of the nice features of the Impala is the keyless entry system.  You can unlock the doors from a distance or unlatch the trunk.  Handy features when it is raining and you need to make a dash to the car.  It also has the panic horn button so you can activate the horn remotely.  Good to scare off suspicious people or to find your car in a large parking lot.

The keyless entry system is standard on LS Impalas, but is optional on base models.  A while back Neil sent me an e-mail saying that keyless entry can be added to a base Impala.  However I lost that e-mail after a computer crash.  Doug just asked me about it again, so I did a little research.

The following information is what I found.  A word of warning:  this is all textbook research.  I have not tried this out and I don't know anyone who has.  This may work, then again it may not.

To get to the area where the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR) you will need to remove the defroster grille.  To do that, you will have to remove a lot of interior trim.   First step is to open the seat belt guide loop cover and remove the nut from the guide loop.  Remove the seat belt guide loop from the guide adjuster bracket.  Keep in mind that this will have to be done on both sides of the car.
Remove the upper center pillar trim panel from the center pillar.
Remove the windshield garnish molding from the clip retainers on the upper side rail.
Remove the windshield garnish molding from the windshield pillar then remove it from the front door carpet retainer, pulling up and back.  Don't forget that all the interior trim we just removed has to be taken off the other side of the car as well.
You may have to remove and replace the upper side rail clip retainer if it is damaged while removing the windshield garnish molding.
Starting at the right side of the windshield, carefully lift upwards on the defroster grille in order to release the retainers.  Continue working to the left until all of the retainers are released.
Disconnect the daytime running lamps sensor from the deforster grille and remove the grille.
Ok, you can finally install the remote control door lock receiver.  Position the RCDLR in place and attach the electrical connector.  Fasten the RCDLR retainers.  Now you can put everything back.  I would recommend that you test the system first.

According to the service manual all that is left is to program the transmitters and possibly re-synchronize them.  If you have an AM/FM radio only (no tape, no CD) you will have to go to the dealer to have them progam the transmitters.  Transmitter programming is part of the Vehicle Customization Settings that can only be accessed with the AM/FM radios equipped with a tape and/or CD player.

Again, this is all theory.  If you don't have the keyless remote entry on your base Impala and you want it installed, I recommend that you go to the dealer.

  Neil dropped me a line and said you will need to buy a new module since you can not reprogram the OE unit.  A reprogrammable replacement module lists for $345.00.