Installing Headlight Covers

This really didn't need an article.  Mostly, it's so you can see what the headlight covers look like installed on an Impala.

Here is the box that the covers came in.  It is made by the VentShade company and the stock number is 37912.
This is what you get.
The bottom of the cover has a lip on it.  It goes between the headlight and the bumper cover.  The top is bent to form a clip.  This is a close up of the clip.
Per the directions, clean the headlight and cover.  Use a soft cotton cloth on both.  Do NOT use a paper towel as it will scratch the cover.  The inner surface of the cover was bumpy, but this couldn't be seen from the outside.  The exterior surface was smooth.
Position the cover in place and insert the lower lip between the bumper and the headlight.
Push the clip over the headlight and it will snap into place.  It holds pretty well and won't come off when the hood is down.  This should deter theft.  The cover does slide side to side a bit.  I am considering using a couple of pieces of velcro tape between the cover and the headlight to keep it in place.  I also put a strip of electrical tape on the bottom side of the hood.  The lip of the hood rests on the top of the moulded clip portion of the cover and this might become a wear point.  The tape should protect the paint on the bottom lip of the hood.

The following are before and after photos:

I did run into some problems.  First off, these covers reduce the light output of the headlights by a significant amount.  The instructions do say not to use them at night, and they mean it.  The first time I tried them at night, I thought my headlights burned out.  I am investigating higher output bulbs so I can keep the covers on.  One bulb, PIAA's X-treme White PLUS Headlight bulbs, is promising.  They are rated at 51 watts but the output is equivalent to 115 watts. The stock bulbs are 55 watts and I do not want to exceed the designed power rating.  If I use a higher wattage bulb, I run the risk of burning out the bulb socket or the wiring.

Here is a photo of the headlights shining on a wall.  The left side is without the cover and the right is with.

I also found out that the passenger side cover would not hold tightly to the headlight.  Strangely enough, the passenger side cover is made of a thinner plastic as compared to the driver side cover.  The daytime heat would soften the plastic and cause the clip area to unbend.  There is a warranty against defective material so this cover is going back.

I like the covers.  As I mentioned, one of the covers in my set is made of a thinner material so it doesn't work as well, but I am sure I can get this replaced.  Even if I couldn't, I'm sure I can figure out a way to make it work.  I really like the look and when I get the headlight intensity figured out, I'll never take them off.