GM Dual Exhaust

GM has a dual exhaust cat-back kit for the Impala.  Because it is from GM, it is a direct bolt in system.  I plan on ordering a set one of these days.  Other owners have ordered and installed this kit and have sent photos and their opinions of it.  This will have to tide us over until I get around to putting one in my car and creating another article.

This is what the kit looks like.  The part number is: 12498617 and the price varies.  I heard that the MSRP is $599 but I have seen online prices as low as $420.  Unfortunately, I don't remember where that was.  It will fit on a 1999 - 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2000 - 2002 Chevrolet Impala, and 1997 - 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix.  I assume it will also fit on a 2003 and it should fit on both the base and LS models.

"This replacement exhaust system is constructed with 409 stainless steel tubing and 304 polished stainless steel muffler and tips.  Four inch tips exit under the rear bumper and have adjustable depth to accommodate both stock bumper and "ground effects" kits.  Exhaust adds a "throaty" rumble while still maintaining a palatable interior noise level." - From the GM Performance Parts Website.

You will also need the bracket kit, part number 12498653 to hang the second muffler.  According to Matt, it will run about $20 and includes a mounting bracket, two hangers, and two bolts.  He mentions that you should get two 3/8 inch self tapping bolts and use those instead of the ones that come in this kit.  According to him, the mufflers, resonator, and tips were nicely polished and everything fit together well.

Steve just purchased and installed the dual kit on his car.  He reports that it sounds great  A little bit of a drone, but a nice low mellow tone.

This is a photo of all the parts that come in the kit.  It's nice that GM protected the polished parts with bubble wrap.