Removing the Front Speakers

Want to upgrade your door speakers?  It's a lot easier than removing the rear ones.

NOTE:  If you want to see actual photos of the front door panel being removed, go to the How To article on Removing the Front Door Panel

  1. Remove the screw holding in the bezel.
  2. Remove the bezel from the door trim panel.
  3. Disconnect the power door lock electrical connector.
  1. Remove the screws from the door armrest pull cup.
  2. Remove the pull cup from the door trim panel using a small flat-bladed tool at the front of the pull cup and press rearward to release the clip retainer.
    NOTE:  Apply tape at the insertion point of the small flat-bladed tool to protect the trim panel.
  3. Disconnect the power window switch electrical connector and power mirror electrical connector as applicable.
  1. Remove the door trim panel screws from the pull cup support bracket.
  2. Remove the two screws for the door pull handle bracket.
  3. Remove the front door trim panel using a trim removal tool in order to disengage the fasteners from the door inner panel.

NOTE: Before removing the door trim panel, remove the screw from the next step below.  The instructions from this page are right out of the service manual.  However if you attempt to remove the door panel without removing the screw in the upper door trim panel, you run the risk of damaging one of the panels.
  1. Remove the screw from the upper door trim panel.
  2. Remove the trim panel from the front door.

NOTE: As I mentioned, this is right out of the manual, but to me it was easier to remove this panel with the bigger door panel.
  1. Remove the door speakers screws.
  2. Pull the speaker toward you.  Disconnect the electrical connector from the speaker.
  3. Remove the speaker.

You need to use new trim panel replacement retainers when you reinstall the door trim panel.  Install the upper edge of the trim panel first, then work your way around.  Don't forget to route the electrical connectors through the openings.  Re-install the screws and the bezels.

According to Crutchfield, any 6 3/4" speaker will fit in the openings.