Fixing a Squeeky Console

Do you have a squeek or a rattle coming from your center console?  It could be that the screws are a little loose.  You can tighten them up a bit and remove that irritating noise.  Or you could just turn up your stereo.  This fix comes courtesy of Teo.  00impala recommended I include the bolt head sizes.  Good call.

This is the driver's side of the center console.  The bolt that needs adjusting is near the front of the center console, right where the top half meets up with the bottom.
Here is a closer view.  It is the black dot near the grey one.  The grey one helps hold the top half of the console to the bottom half.  Just in case you wanted to know.
Here is the bolt.  Just tighten it up a little bit with a 10 mm socket.  Do not overtighten.  Remember, this is plastic you are bearing down on.  You don't want to break it.
On to the passenger side.  Same location.
Tighten up this one also.  Gently rock the console side to side and see if the squeek is gone.  Again, use a gentle touch.  If you put your full weight on the console, no matter what you do, it's going to creak.  In my case, it would probably break...
The other bolts are in the arm rest storage compartment.
Chevy thoughtfully placed easily removable rubber liners in the storage areas.  A nice touch that makes it easy to clean.  The bolts are under the liner.
This is what the liner looks like.
Here are the other six bolts.  Two are 10 mm the other four are 7 mm.  Carefully tighten them and rock the console to see if the squeeks are gone.  As before, use a light touch.  Remember, you can always come back and re-tighten again.  One added recommendation is to spray a light oil, like WD-40, between the contact points between the plastic.