Scott added carbon fiber trim to his engine cover to dress up the engine compartment a bit.

"I picked up a piece of carbon fiber vinyl decal material from my local sign shop.  It is a good quality Avery product.  The sign shop gave me this 15" x 12" piece for free.  However you may not be as lucky and have to pay for it.  I can't see it being more than a few dollars."

First step is to clean the area.  I used Windex and paper towels.  Just be sure to blow away any lint produced by the paper towels.
Cut a piece of the vinyl roughly 1" larger than the lettering.  Lay the vinyl over the emblem and using your fingers, press out all air bubbles and flatten the vinyl as best you can.
Using a X-acto knife carefully cut around the letters.
Here is the finished product.  Just repeat for the SERIES II and V6 logos.

This article shows that Impala upgrades do not have to be expensive, difficult, or time consuming.

Scott has a personal Impala site and created the The North American Impala Owners Association (NAIOA)

If you are interested in purchasing a set of pre-cut decals, contact Scott at:  $15 each, including shipping.