Replacing the Blower Motor

A long time ago Kenneth asked if I had the diagram to remove the A/C blower.  I had not been able to get around to it for various reasons (computer crash, scanner died, overwhelmed by events, etc).  Here it is Kenneth, sorry it took so long!

There is a plastic door under the glovebox on the passenger side called IP Insulator.  The door is held in by two clips (A) and a push in retainer (B).
You will need to remove the push-in retainer.  There is a special tool for this, it looks like a fork with only two, wide tines.  An automotive store like NAPA, CarQuest, etc should carry it.  It's used to remove door panels, etc.  After you remove the retainer, push the clip in the direction indicated.  Rotate the courtesy lamp counterclockwise to remove it from the insulator.  Then remove the insulator from the car.
Release the instrument panel harness retainer and position the harness aside.  Disconnect the blower motor electrical connector.
Disconnect the blower motor cooling hose, remove the motor mounting screws, then you can remove the motor.