Baer Brake Installation on 2002 Impala Part 2

Enough prep.  Let's see the installation!

I replaced the bleeders with Russell Speed Bleeders.  These have an internal spring-loaded check ball and make bleeding a one man operation.
Bolt the hard anodized billet caliper adapters to the spindle.  Hand tighten and then torque to supplied specs.
Another view.
Place rotor on the spindle and put 2 lug nuts hand tight to hold in place.
Place caliper over the rotor and bolt to the adapter.  Hand tighten and torque to specs.
Attach new stainless brake lines to caliper and the brake hard line.  Bleed brakes.
Installed assembly.
Full view.
Installed wheel.  If you have the aluminum hubs on the rotors it's important to tighten the lugs in a star pattern first to 45 ft lbs then repeat to 85ft lbs.  This will prevent any distortion.
Repeat for the other side.  Ta Da!  Your done!  Bed pads and season rotors as per the instructions included and as listed on Baer's website.

"The brake kit was about $1,200.  The powder coating for the calipers was an extra $100 and converting the rotors to 2 piece units was an extra $120 which was part of the $1,200.  They don't have a rear kit yet.  I'm going to take a stock Wagner rotor and have it drilled and slotted to match cosmetically.

"Kit was very easy to install took about 31/2 hours."

Great job, Scott.  Both on the installation and the documentation.  Thanks!

I gotta see this from the start!
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