Baer Brake Installation on 2002 Impala

Tired of warped brake disks?  Need more stopping power?  Want to dress up an otherwise boring area?  Do I have the project for you.  Actually, Scott does.  He upgraded the stock front brake setup with Baer brakes and sent me an article with photos.  Without further ado, I give you Scott.

"When I called Baer they hadn't done a brake kit yet on a 2000+ Impala.  I sent Ben there some digital pics and he had me download a template from their website to check clearance on the wheel.  They were very helpful and thought a kit they had for a 97 Gran Prix GTP would work.  I special ordered the PBR calipers powder coated red and had the EradiSpeed rotors converted to 2 piece with aluminum hats and drilled and slotted.  What's really neat about this kit is it fits the stock 16 inch wheels.

"Let me say that prior to this installation I had never worked on brakes before.

Stock assembly
Stock Brake line assembly
Disconnect the brake hard line and cap off with supplied plastic cap.  This is very important.  DO NOT LET THE FLUID DRAIN OUT!!  On an ABS car you have to go to the dealer and use a vacuum system to get all the fluid back into all the little passages and valves.
The stock caliper is in 2 pieces.  I found it easier to remove the top piston section first.  This makes it easier to get to the lower bolts holding the pad carrier.  You'll need air tools or a large breaker bar to get these bolts loose.
Bare spindle.  Note the heat shield at the bottom.  It will need to be “tweeked” a little to make sure it doesn't touch the rotor.
Rotor and caliper assembly placed in back of wheel to check clearance.
The complete kit.
Comparison of stock rotor to EradiSpeed.  See Eradispeed for details.  They have a guarantee against warping!
Another comparison.

Hurry up!  I want to see what's next!
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