The Aux. Power Connector

Where is the auxiliary power connection that the users manual describes?  Although I don't need it right now, since Chevy thoughfully provided a power drop, I wanted to know where it was.

There is a plastic door under the glovebox on the passanger side.  You have to remove this door to find the power drop.  The door is held in by two clips (A) and a push in retainer (B).
Push the clip in the direction indicated.  You do have to release both clips but you can leave the push in retainer alone.  The door does not have to come all the way off to get access to the connector.  Rock the panel gently back and forth and it will move and give you enough room.
They have bundled the wires leading to the connector to the harness using electrical tape.  I could not get a good photo of the connector since it is high up behind the instrument panel.  It is connector 1 as indicated in this diagram.
The manual says that the connector is labeled with a wire function and fuse rating.  I didn't see any labels, it could be under the electrical tape that is holding the excess wire to the harness.  This diagram came from Y2K Impala LS's web site.  I have a link to his site on the Links Page.  Take some time to visit him.

Connector Part Information 12064752
6 Way F Metric-Pack 280 Series, Flexlock (BLK)
Pin Wire Color Circuit No. Function
A ORN 2540 Fuse Output-BATTERY
B N/A N/A Not Used
C YEL 143 Fuse Output-ACCESSORY
D PPL 1807 Serial Data Signal-Class B to Primary
E N/A N/A Not Used
F BLK 1050 Ground

I would recommend that before you use these pin-outs, take a multimeter and double check.  Chevy loves to change stuff and not update the manuals.

 According to Rhonda, the connector is different on the 2002 Impala.  Instead of a six pin connector, they are now using a 4 pin one.  Take note and verify the pinouts before you use this as a power source.  On accessing the connector, Rhonda goes on to say, "I found it much easier to get to the aux. power drop by taking out the glove box.  If you drop the plastic cover under the glove box the screws to hold the glove box in place are right there.  If you take them out and release the box off the pins the plastic is on and then release the cable that holds the side of the glove box just let it fold down all the way so it looks like it is falling to the floor and you wiggle it a little bit it will come out easily.  The aux. power drop is in there on the right hand side.  You can reach it easily.   Don't forget the glove box has to go back in at the same angle or it seems like it won't go.