Air Box Replacement

There has been a lot of discussion about the air intake system and how to improve it.  I took apart my system to see what we are working with.

First, disconnect the IAT sensor electrical connector (B) and loosen the air intake duct hose clamp on the back of the Air Cleaner Cover.  Remove the Air Intake Duct.  Unclip the two Air Cleaner Cover Retaining Clamps (A).  Tip the top edge of the cover rearward then lift up.  Ensure that the air filter remains in the housing.  It may slip out a little bit and make it difficult to remove the cover.
Here is the front and back of the cover.  I stuck the duct hose back on for the photo.
Next step is to remove the Air Cleaner Assembly.  You will need a 8mm socket to remove the two screws.
Here are the two screws you need to remove.  After you remove the screws, tip the assembly back and lift out just like the cover.  This is what it will look like after you remove the Air Cleaner Assembly.
This is what the inside and outside of the assembly looks like.
I don't know why they did this, but the remaining piece holds the PCM.  The air intake horn is molded as an integral part of the PCM housing.
Here is a better view of the PCM and you can see the air intake horn above it.  So if you want to replace the air filter assembly, you will need to relocate the PCM.
My apologies to Garnes on Edmunds.  From this photo, you can see that the air intake horn almost touches the air filter element.  So this section of the filter is the only effective part.  As it loads up, the air will need to rush through this small gap to get to a cleaner section of the filter.  Garnes was correct in saying that the air box chokes the engine.
Impalaboy2001 had asked if we could install a tube connecting the air box intake behind the headlamps to the small hole right next to the fog lamp thereby creating a ram-air setup.  This is a top view of the area with the headlight housing removed.  The arrow indicated the air box intake.
"A" is the air box intake and "B" is the small hole next to the fog lamp.  Unfortunately, there is no straight path between the two.  The bumper bracket and other supports are in the way.
A different approach would be to come directly under the air box intake (A) through the plastic baffle (B).  I have no experience in this area so I can't say if this is feasible or not.  Any one want to try?

Matt lost one of the metal clips that holds the airbox closed.  One dealer wanted to sell him the whole assembly.  He finally found out what he needed:
Part number:  12481327
Description:  LATCH A / CL HS
Price:  $5.34