Replace the Coolant Level Module.

Adjust the parking brake.

Remove the front door panel.

Install a SS Spoiler on your Impala.

Replace the oil level sensor.

Replace the Drive Belt.

Replace the gas tank level sensor.

Information replacing the factory foglight bulb with something a little brighter.

Remove the A/C blower motor.

Information on the coolant leak voluntary customer satisfaction program.

Paint your Taillights to get the LS Sport look.

Richard modified the factory amp to be used as a breakout box for an aftermarket amp.

Install a Monte Carlo SS Gauge Cluster in Your Impala

Dual Exhaust for the Impala

Looking for Indiglo gauge faces for your Impala?

Factory Airbox Modification.

Homebuilt Fender Well Intake.

Homebuilt Front Grill Intake.

Info on Cold Air Induction kits for the Impala.

I install a Thrasher Cold Air Induction kit into my LS.

Want to create your own webpage?  Here are some tools, including Impala fonts.

Have you heard about SLP's Impala LSX?

Retrofit LATCH to a pre-2002 Impala

Dress up the engine compartment of your
base model Impala with a engine cover.

GM Performance Parts.
Performance parts right from GM.  Who would have thought?

Carbon Fiber trim on the engine cover.

How to remove the front door speakers.

How to remove the rear speakers.

Scott shows us how to install Baer brakes in an Impala.

Clayton continues his sound system modification with the addition of Dynamat and neon lighting.

Want the LS Sport tail lights?  Here is the latest info.

Still want the LS Sport tail lights but don't want to pay $700 for them?  Take a look at the vinyl kit from Crazy Graphics.

Learn how to install a reverse sensor system in a Mazda MPV van.

If you are trying to get an electrical line between the engine and passenger compartment, this rubber bulkhead might be the answer.

My latest project is to change the reflectors around the reverse lights into functional taillights.

Add Keyless Entry to a base Impala.

Learn how to remove spray paint from your car without damaging the paint.

Headlight cover installation.

Install a CD changer in your car.

Clayton installed two 12" subs and a 900 watt amp to drive them.  Check out his installation.

Change your reverse light bulb.

Did your stop lamp, turn signal, or rear side marker lamp fail?  Here is how to replace them.

Are your windshield wipers leaving streaks?  It may be time to replace them.

I discovered rust on my car.  Does this affect your car also?

Do you have a question about the sound system in the Impala?  You might find your answer here.

Feel a clunk when you turn?  Could be the intermediate steering shaft.  GM has issued a fix and you can see a summary of it here.

I ran my car on a dyno and here are the results.

Thinking about improving performance?  You might want to look at the air intake system.

Is the molding on your roof coming up?

Want to apply the Impala logos to your base model?  Here are the dimensions for you to follow.

Need more power?  Install a JET Power Control Unit.

Want to change out your radio?  You'll need to remove the instrument panel trim plate.

Find out how to change a headlight bulb.

Want to replace the grill with a custom job?  Here are some tips to get you started.

Did you want to change the PCV valve?  Here is how to do it.

Install a locking gas cap.

How do you gain access to the back of the radio?  Take apart the center console.

How does the autodimming mirror and the autoheadlight system work?

Want a few tips on breaking in your car?  Click on the hammer for more.

I got tired of looking at the airbag warning labels and removed them.

Find the CD changer and Sunroof connectors in your trunk.

Want to know how to tell a 2000 engine cradle from a 2001?  Click on the engine cradle and find out.

Want to fix a paint chip?  Click on the touch-up paint and learn about a great product called LANGKA that really makes those chips dissappear.

Want to know how to change the Passenger Compartment Air Filter?  Click on the filter and see.

Click on the Mouse to find out how to stop your center console from squeeking.

Click on Auxiliary Power connector to find out where Chevrolet hid it.

Click on the splash guard below to see how to install a moulded splash guard on an Impala.

Click on the amplifier plug below to see how to bypass your factory amp.