Here is a list of sites that offer stuff for the 2001 Impala.  Some are specifically for the Impala, others are add-ons that I though would be useful.  These are not presented in any particular order and I have not had personal dealings with most of them so it's "buyer beware."  If you do have a comment about a company, good or bad, let me know and I'll post it.  

Note: Each link will open the site in a new window.

GM Factory Parts

GM Accessories:  General Motor's site.  Click on "Lifestyle Packages" on the top.  You cannot order anything from this page and it doesn't provide prices.  You have to go to your local dealer or visit the Chuck Hutton site.  However it does list the products available from GM and has part numbers.
GM Performance Parts:  General Motor's site.  Click on "Lifestyle Packages" on the top.  You cannot order anything from this page and it doesn't provide prices.  You have to go to your local dealer or visit the Chuck Hutton site.  However it does list the products available from GM and has part numbers.
Parts Voice:  Looking for that OEM part?  Try here.  Link provided by Scott.
PACE Performance:  They have the GM dual exhaust for $499.  If you are looking for a factory GM part, here is the place to go.  Most parts in-stock, discounted prices.

I was just informed by Joe that they are now charging a $5 shipping fee.
PartsZone Online:  Here is another source for GM parts.  Joseph provided this link and recommends that you have the GM part number ahead of time to effectively use this site.
GM Parts Direct:  Joe sent me this site for GM Impala parts.  I was impressed, they even had parts for my 1969 Camaro.  Although the 2000-2001 Impala is not listed when you attempt to search by vehicle, you can find stuff under the Accessories header.
Auto Parts Direct:  Another online source for OEM parts below dealer prices.  From Scott.
Auto Body Parts Wholesale:  Source of replacement body parts.  It sounds like they are the source that auto manufacturers go to for replacement parts.  They have bumpers, grilles and other body parts.  Link provided by Scott.
Autopartsland:  An easy to use site for body parts.

WARNING: Garypen just told me he had major problems with this company.  He ordered parts from them and when it wasn't shipped after over a week, he cancelled his order.  It took over a month to get a refund and he discovered they charged him a restocking fee.  Pretty shocking since they didn't even ship the item.  I'm leaving the link here as a warning to others.


Helm Inc.:  If you want a Service Manual, contact this company.  You can order online, via the mail, or via the phone (1-800-551-4123).  I HIGHLY recommend that you get the service manual if you intend to keep your car past the warrenty period or do any modifications.  $120 isn't cheap, but you are looking at over 3000 pages of information.
Haynes:  If you cannot afford the factory service manual, you may want to consider the Haynes one.  It is not as good as the factory service one, but it does not cost as much either.  The part number is 24048 and covers the Lumina, Monte Carlo & Impala all models '95 thru '01.  At 238 pages, I'm not sure how complete this manual is since it is for three different models and those years included a change from rear wheel to front wheel drive.  MSRP is $18.95 but the last time I looked Amazon was selling it for $13.27.  Thank you to Bruce for the info.
ASE Performance Chips:  They will modify your ECU to enhance performance.  The downsides are you have to send in the ECU from your car and this will probably void your factory warrenty.  Unless you want to buy another ECU and have ASE modify that one.  I am a bit apprehensive about this company.  First of all, their site isn't fully functional (this is the direct link for the Impala but the last time I tested it, it didn't work.)  Also, the dyno chart is the result of a simulated dyno test on an Impala, not from testing on an actual vehicle.  If they didn't test it on an Impala, how do they know it is going to work?  Hvan is going to have them test it out on his car.  We'll see how it goes.  Thanks to Impalaboy2001 for the link.
South Florida Pulley Headquarters:  Specialized in Grand Prix parts, but some items may fit the Impala.  Thank you to Greg for the link.
JET:  JET Performance Products.  JET manufactures aftermarket chips and power modules.  They have an explanation on what a the chips do in their Domestic section.

Ray just found out that JET now has a Power Control Module for the new Impalas.  Part number 68003 and goes for $260.  You can adjust it to account for different wheel, tire, and gear combinations, disable the speed limiter and get 12-14 more hp at the wheels.

Brian tells me that the part number for the 3.4L engine is 68002 and the part number for the 3.8L is 68003.
Summit Racing:  Brian says they have the JET Power Control Module for $200.  Search for summit part# jet-68002 or jet-68003)
Music City Rod Shop:  They carry the JET Power Control Module for the Impala ($215).  Use this link to go to the specific page.  This was provided by Brian.
Racer Parts Wholesale:  A collection of racer supplies and equipment.
Borla:  They have a CAT-BACK exhaust kit for the 2000 Impala with the 3.8L engine.
Jeg's:  Although it is not listed in their catalog, you can call them for the Borla CAT-BACK exhaust for the Impala and their price is better than the MSRP.  They also can get you the K&N air filter.
Performance Products:  You can get the K&N Filter from them.  I believe the K&N part number is 33-2141 and the Performance Products part number is G1089 but I am not positive.
3800 Performance:  Dedicated to 3800 engines.  The sell the SLP and Thrasher cold air intakes and also have one from MotorSport Performance.  I don't have any details on this last one.
SLP Performance Parts:  SLP has a cold air induction kit for the Monte Carlo 00-01 SS that should fit an Impala.  Hvan3 contacted the company and they say it will not fit the Impala.  I still don't know why, because the Impala and Monte Carlo are pretty much the same car under the hood.
SLP Engineering:  SLP has created a LSX package for the Impala.  What I find interesting is the new trunk treatment (no big reflectors) and the Hypertech Power Programmer.  Thanks Mike!
LMPerformance :  A small, but hopefully growing, collection of Impala parts.  Thanks to Antoine for the link.
Thrasher Engineered Performance :  Thrasher used to sell a CAI kit and it is the one installed on my car.  However, it and many of their other products for the 3800 series engine is no longer listed on their site.  New link provided by Duane.
Grand Prix Store:  They carry GP accessories, however the GP and the Impala share the same engine so some items should be compatable.  The have an interesting exhaust item they call a "U-Bend Replacement".  Between the resonator and the cat, GM mounted the O2 sensor vertically.  To do this, they had to bend the exhaust pipe which creates a restrictive area.  GP store carries a replacement pipe that remounts the O2 sensor horizontally in a straight section.

Zac ordered the U-bend pipe and installed it in his Impala.  It wasn't as easy as it sounds.  He had to modify the adaptor and the O2 sensor bung was placed too high so it made for a tight fit.  He did say that you can tell that the u-bend caused a lot of restriction and there are no problems with the car accepting the change.  He does recommend that you let a muffler shop do all the work.  With all the modification he had to do, you might want to ask the muffler shop build you the adaptor instead of purchasing the replacement.
Monte Carlo Store:  Petrie provided the link to this spin off from the Grand Prix Store.  They carry pretty much the same things.  At the very least they have filtered out the items that would not work on the MC so the chances are better that the remaining items would work on the Impala.
Street Arsenal Performance:  Performance products for owners of base model Impalas!  Larger throttle body, better intake manifolds, improved heads, and an underdrive pully.  The prices are not that bad either.  Link provided by Jessie and Derick.
RSM Racing Inc.:  More performance products for base model Impala owners  Including a supercharger kit for the 3.4L engine. Link provided by Jessie.
ZZPerformance:  Performance mods for Series II 3800 series engines including a supercharger kit.  Provided by Brennansteve.
Held Motorsports:  They have a number of suspension parts for the Monte Carlo which should fit the Impala.  Link provided by Danny.
BMR Fabrication:  Some nice suspension parts for the W-body.  Drew installed the front and rear sway bar and says they are excellent.  To save money, he recommends that you get the BMR rear bar ($179) and the GM Performance Parts front sway bar since the rear one produces the most improvement.
Fast Forward Performance:  Some performance parts for 3400 Impala owners.  They sell underdrive pulleys for the 3400 series engine and have a nice How-To on installation.  Thanks to Sidney for the link
American Performance of Colorado:  Sidney pointed out the headers that might fit the 3.4L Impala, but didn't mention the NOS kit.  Don't know if this would work in the Impala, but...
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs:  Looking to install iridium plugs in the Impala?  According to this site, they are $12 a plug.  I don't know what they cost at the dealer, but the last time I purchased plugs, it was for my Camaro and they were $2 each.  Thanks, Jesse!
NOPI Online Store:  All sorts of stuff, including the iridium plugs.  Link comes from JD.  =)
Intense Racing:  A collection of performance parts.  Thanks, Jesse.
InterMotive Inc.:  They have a couple of things for the Impala, but I am at loss to say what these devices are supposed to do.
Auto Meter:  A well established name in the auto world.  They have come out with an adaptor so you can install a tach in a distributorless ignition system.  Its called a Tach Adaptor and you can read more about it on their site.  Info from Clayton.
Royal Purple Synthetic Oil:  Is it better than regular and other synthetic oils?  Dunno...  Link provided by Ben
Proficient Performance:  They carry a few items for the Impala including the Borla exhaust and mass airflow sensors for the 3.4 and 3.8 motors.  Link from Eric
S & S Headers, Inc.:  Many base model owners feel left out because most of the performance parts made for the Impala are targeted for the LS.  S&S carries headers for the 3.4L Monte Carlo.  It should fit the Impala also. Link provided by Danny

Turbocharged Power Systems:  Turbocharger for the 3.4L anyone?  Link from Antoine

Measurement Tools

AutoTap:  Now here's something I would love to have.  You hook this up to your car and you can see everything your car's computer is monitoring.  Engine speed, vehicle speed, engine temp, timing advance, torque...  You can see what is really wrong when the "Check Engine" light comes on.  Better still you can run it while you are driving and capture a log to find those intermittant problems.  The catch?  The software and the special plug goes for $300 ($500 if you want the GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Import universal kit).  Oh yeah, you need a laptop!  *sigh*
Injectoclean:  If you want a ODBII scanner but don't have a laptop, this might be the product for you.  It uses a Handspring Visor and a special cable to interface with your vechicle.  Their product is cheaper than an AutoTap when you factor in the cost of a laptop.  A Visor is a PDA using the Palm OS.  I have one and find it to be indespensible.  I don't use it for keeping appointments.  It is a replacement for all those little notes I used to write on Post-It notes and promply misplace.
Autocheckup:  Just want a simple ODB scanner?  This company sells refurbished scanners.  I might just order one for my '95 Saturn.  Submitted by Danny.
JARM:  Another computer based OBD-II scanner.  It's cheaper than the AutoTap, but I am concerned that from the website, it looks like English is not the company's native language.  This only bothers me because it could mean that the manual may be written the same way.  Then again, one would think English is not MY native language.
Harbor Freight:  I have ordered stuff from Harbor Freight and it's a pretty neat catalog to leaf through and if you get a chance, browse through one of their stores.  One warning, most of their stuff is cheap because it's cheaply made.  If it's not a brand name you recognize, chances are pretty good the old addage "you get what you pay for" applies.  Jon bought an OBD-II scanner from them and says it works great on his 3.4L Impala.
CarChip:  A self-contained OBD-II data logger the size of two 9V batteries.  You connect it to the OBD-II plug and drive.  When you are done, remove it and plug it into your computer with the included interface cable.  If you are plagued with an intermittant problem, attach it and drive.  The EX model logs four sensors up to 300 hours.   For those parents with teen age drivers - want to monitor your kid's driving?  Plug it in and let them go.  It keeps track of distance traveled, speed, hard starts and stops.  It even logs when it was installed and removed so you can see if they pulled the device.  Good thing this wasn't around when I was a kid.  TechTV did a small write-up about it.  Dave, thanks for the links.  To cut reduce the cost, they sell the OBD-II readers in kit form.  Um, not much of a site and the photos of the product doesn't look like much.
G-TECH/Pro:  "G-TECH/Pro is an electronic Performance Meter for automobiles. It's designed to make a professional test driver out of anybody. All you have to do is plug it in a cigarette lighter, mount it to the windshield and start accelerating. G-TECH/Pro does the rest automatically and displays the results." - From their website.  It is supposed to be able to give you horsepower, 1/4 mile E.T., 1/4 mile speed, 0-60 E.T., 60-0 braking, longitudinal G's and lateral G's.

There is a new G-Tech Pro model called the G-Tech Pro Competition.  I have seen it on the Impala Store but it's not on G-Tech's website yet.  Go to THIS PAGE for more info about this new model.
Vector FX:  A new performance meter by BelTronics, makers of radar/laser detectors.  I've seen these at Circuit City.  Link provided by Ben.
Race Technology:  This British company makes the AC-22 and AP-22 performance meters.  These meters are similar to the G-Tech, but have a few more features and the AP-22 has data logging capability.  Here is the company's comparison table.  They have a nice assortment of Java-based automotive calculators.  If you have a Palm OS device, they have some nice programs including a tire size calculator.  Enter the tire width, aspect, and rim diameter of your existing and proposed tires and it will calculate the circumference of each tire and change in speedo accuracy (if any).
Christopher Brown Racing:  They are a US distributors of Race Technology's meters.  Their description of the same Palm software that Race Technology offers for free download includes screenshots.
MotorSports Performance:  They are another US distributors of Race Technology's meters.  They specialize in Pontiac Grand Prix GTP/GT and Buick Regal GS cars, but since these cars also use the 3800 engine, some of the parts may be used in the Impala.  Possibly even their cold air induction kit.
Vericom Computers:  High-end performance meters.  By that I mean the units start at $699 up and run to $3,000.  Then you can add on additional sensors.  Not something I would consider, but included it just in case someone else was interested.
PocketDyno:  An interesting product.  It utilizes accelerometers, similar to the G-Tech unit.  But it saves the info onto a Palm-based PDA.  Which, of course, means you need a Palm-based PDA.  You also have to pay extra for the interface cable.
Tazzo Motorsports:  Performance meter, similar to the G-Tech.  They have a feature comparison table between their model and the Vericom and G-Tech units.
DYNORAD:  This meter is good for cars that don't have computers and such.  Designed for rear wheel drive cars with distributors.  I only include it because I found it interesting.
Chrono-G:  Performance meter, similar to the G-Tech.  This one has a metal case and is rated up to 1.5G.  Another expensive one.


Rostra Precision Controls:  They manufacture the Rostra Obstacle Sensing System (ROSS).  This is a reverse sensing system that does not require holes in your bumper like other systems.
Automotive Safety Technologies:  Good source for the Rostra Obstacle Sensing System.
LEDtronics:  Mark says they have taillight bulbs that are much better than the APC ones, both in quality and in intensity.  The only drawback is the price: $48.50 each.  They have LEDs aimed out the side which should help illuminate the tail light.
XtremeWhite:  Ok, so they carry a lot of import stuff.  However, they also have the APC LED replacement signal/stop lamp bulb for the Impala (bulb 3057).

I just got a warning from Danny about this company.  He ordered an item from this company but they send him the wrong one.  When he returned it, they charged him a 20% restocking fee even though it was their mistake.  They would not refund his money and he had to go through his credit card company to dispute the charge.
HIDs 4 Less:  They sell a plug and play HID upgrade kit for the Impala.  Link provided by Brennan.
Easy Performance:  They have a kit that adjusts the DRL trigger point and are working on a DRL disable kit.  I don't know the kit will work on the Impala.  Link provided by Brandon.
Crutchfield:  Crutchfield is the best mail-order retailer in my opinion.  When you buy a car radio from them, they include an instruction sheet on how to dissassemble your car, remove your old radio, and install the new one.  They include a harness that meets up with your existing harness so you can install your new radio WITHOUT cutting into the factory harness.  I bought a Sony CD player for my wife's Saturn and they included a new console plate so the new radio looks like it came that way from the factory.  Speakers also come with harness adaptors.  I called for a car amp for my Camaro and the salesperson recommended a Kenwood that was being discounted and saved me $50.  They are quick too.  I placed an order through their webpage late last night.  I got an e-mail confirming that they received my order, then got another one this afternoon saying they shipped it and provided the UPS tracking number.  30 day no question asked return policy and they will even cover the cost to ship the product back!  The 2000 Impala is in their Vehicle Selector database, although they don't have the AM/FM/CD or AM/FM/tape/CD options listed.

Shawn told me he found a unit that allows you to use the steering wheel controls with an aftermarket head unit that has a wireless remote.  It is called SWI-X Universal Factory Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface manufactured by Pacific Accessory Corporation.  Go to their website for more info.  Look farther down this page for a link to their site.
Precision Interface Electronics, Inc.:  This company sells converters that allow a factory head unit to control an aftermarket CD changer.  However, before you get all excited, their converters DO NOT work with 2000-2001 Impalas or vehicles equipped with the On-Star system.  You can read about it here.  I included this site to warn others about this incompatibility and maybe if enough people bug them, they will realize there is a demand and come up with a harness we can use.
Radios and More:  They sell the head units and CD changers for the Impala.  Go to their SEARCH PAGE and select either the 2000 or 2001 Impala.  They have the CD changer for a little cheaper than M&E Electronics, have free shipping for orders over $100, and have a 30-day no question asked return policy.
M&E Electronics:  They sell Delco, Ford and Chrysler radios.  They have Impala head units and CD changers.
Scosche Industries:  They specialize in aftermarket audio upgrades and carry an assortment of adaptors to install an aftermarket radio to your car.  I believe this item allows you to relocate your factory head unit to the trunk.  They also have a subscription based site called the Autosound Encyclopedia which contains information on radio installations for different vehicles.  Take a look at their "demo car" information and see if the info is worth the $14.95/month.  All sorts of stuff for your car.  They even sell wiring harnesses to mate your factory harness to aftermarket audio components.  They also carry OEM CD changers.  They have a DIY sister site that's really nice, but they concentrate mainly on Hondas.

If you are looking to relocate your factory radio to the trunk, autotoys has a 17 foot T relocation harness that allows you to add in a new unit without altering the factory one.
BEST Kits:  They offer a T-harness to relocate your factory radio when installing an aftermarket head unit.  This allows you to maintain all the programming features.  What makes their harness special is it maintains all the warning chimes.  The part number is BHA2004T.
Glassman Creations:  They make custom speaker enclosures and have created an Impala door kit.  However the enclosures are totally custom so you would have to send your door panel to them.  Amazing find by Danny.
Logjam Electronics:  If you want to change your factory radio but want to keep OnStar, you will need a device called StarMod.  This company carries the StarMod as well as an adaptor that allows you to maintain the use of the steering wheel controls.
Pacific Accessory Corporation:  PAC manufactures mobile audio interfaces.  Control aftermarket stereos with the factory steering wheel controls with the help of their SWI-X.  The SWI-V converts the steering wheel controls to dual multipurpose controls.  So you can use the steering wheels controls to operate the factory radio AND an aftermarket unit (DVD players, VCP players, TV tuners, LCD Monitors, MP3 players, Satellite Radios, etc)
Transponder  I was a little unclear on what this product was supposed to do.  However, after doing a little research, I think I figured it out.  GM vehicles use a theft deterrent system called Passlock.  There are different versions of this system.  Some had resistors or transponders embedded into the keys.  The version in the Impala is a little different.  The resistor is built into the lock cylinder.  In any case, you need a key to start the car.  Without the correct key, the car's electronics will not allow the car to start.  This means you cannot use a remote car starter.  Their product allows you to use a remote car starter in a Passlock equipped car.
GizmoCity:  As the name implies, if you are looking for a gizmo, they have a few.  The site is kind of rough.  They have electronic deer alerts, remote starters, and their version of a transponder bypass.  If you have an older garage door opener that does not support the HomeLink system, you can upgrade it vice replacing the whole system.  Genie makes a universal conversion kit and you can order it from this company or find it at a dealer near you.  Note: I do not have a garage door, so I can't verify that this actually works with the HomeLink system, but Genie says it will.
Alarmtek's The Garage:  I hesitated to include this site.  They say that they can provide you with the wiring diagram to install an aftermarket alarm into your car.  However they don't have a list of cars they have diagrams for and you have to pay them the $2.95 before you can find out.  Another downside is they use a lot of window pop-ups, redirections, and annoying java tricks.  I HIGHLY advise you to disable java in your browser before visiting this site.
Portable DVD Store.:  Want to install a DVD video system in your car for those long drives?  Instead of a permanently installed system, you might want to consider a portable DVD player with screen.  This company sells both the players and a product they call "Suspension Theater" that mounts the unit between the front seats.  This company also rents portable DVD players for $139 for a 10 day period.  The $139 includes UPS shipping to you and back.  The package includes everything you would need for air travel or a road trip.  Seems to be expensive, but when you consider just the player is around $700, this might be a good way to see if you want to invest the money and buy one.
Back Seat Theater.:  Visor-sized video screen that folds out of the way.  It is also removable for security or can be transferred to a second vehicle equipped with a mounting kit.  Wireless heaphones are optional.  You need to add your own video source (VCP, DVD, PlayStation).
Delphi Electronics.:  Delphi sells a overhead video screen that looks exactly like the Back Seat Theater.  However the biggest difference is that the Delphi one transmits the video and audio signal to the screen wirelessly.  So you can mount the source anywhere you want and you won't have to string wires all over.  I talked to a distributor and he said it works on a 49 kHz frequency, which is pretty crowded (cheap cordless phones are usually on this frequency as well as a lot of R/C cars).  He said the only time they had problems was when they tried to install more than one system in the same vehicle.  For instance one screen in the second row in a van and one screen in the third row with two different video signals.  They were selling it for $949.  Add $200 for a VCP or DVD player.  They also sell a seat top entertainment system.
SpeedHut:  They manufacture Indiglo gauge face kits for cars.  Once they establish the pattern, you can order a kit from them and have them customize it.  Standard or reverse Indiglo, even a combination of both.  Your choice of font styles, custom graphics, whatever you want.  We are trying to get them to make one for the Impala and Monte Carlo.
ProCarParts:  They have a reverse Indiglo gauge face kit for the base Impala (no tach.  This link will take you directly to the Impala kit.  They also have one for the base Monte Carlo (no tach) which is the same kit, acutally.  Follow this link to see it.  It only comes in reverse Indiglo and you cannot customize it.  Provided by Scott, Justin, and Kevin.  =)

Jeff just told me that he ordered the Indiglo gauges from ProCarParts and wanted to pass on a warning.  The fuel gauge and the temperature gauge on the indiglo are larger then the factory faces.  This would give you an inaccurate reading on both gauges.  He took a Sharpie marker and drew a line on the new faces where the actual markings were so he could still use them.  He did say it looked good and was easy to install.
Makoto Autotrends:  They have an Indiglo gauge face kits for Impalas without a tach.  Link from Rozina.

Aftermarket Accessories

DieCast Station:  If you are looking for a die cast Impala, check out their selection.
Impala Store:  A section of  Most of the Impala accessories out there collected in one place.  Thanks, Noah.
Chevy Mall:  No accessories for your car.  They do have a baseball cap with the Impala logo and other Chevy related stuff.
Custom Engraving Co:  They make personalized license plates and frames.  They have a couple of Impala ones.  Some other things they offer are URL nameplates and custom vinyl stickers.
Easy Peel:  Interesting concept.  If you have to put a sticker on your car, you stick it to this product and now your adhesive sticker is a static cling sticker.  
NAISSO:  This site caters to the 94-96 Impala.  Their online store does not have too much here for the '00-'01, but they do carry a number of Impala emblems, including the Crossed Flag Impala emblem, SS Impala emblem, and the C post roof pillar Impala emblem.  Look under Exterior Vehicle Accessories.  They also have a seperate section for the 2000 Impala.  Very limited, but promising. Car cover, bra, floor mats, and window channel-type window visors.

Exterior Maintenance

Griot's Garage:  Car maintenance products: waxes, brushes, polishes, some tools.  The prices are pretty steep, similar items can be found elsewhere.  I highly recommend the Red Wax Pad and Holder.  It doesn't "cut my wax application time in half," but it keeps the wax on the car and off my hands and it does make the job easier.  More on this in a future How-To.
Clay Magic:  Clay Magic is just one of many "clay" cleaning products.  I have used it on our 95 Saturn and it did a fantastic job at removing stains, rail dust, water spots, and overspray.  Although it says that it does not harm clear coat finishes, I suspect it removes a very thin layer of paint as it cleans.  Keeping this in mind, I do not use it too often.
ABRN:  Automotive Body Repair News.  I found a nice article about how "Paintless Dent Removal" is done.
Langka:  Got a paint chip in your car?  Get a bottle of this and some touch-up paint from your dealer and you can have your baby looking great again.  Go to the Repairing Paint Chip How-To page to see this product in action.
Chip Guard:  Similar product to the X-pel hood protector, but covers (and protects) a larger area.
Two years after I asked them about it, they finally came out with a protective shield for the top of the bumper.  I'm going to order this pretty soon.
X-Pel:  They custom-cut a 3M film called Scotchcal that is applied to a surface to protect it.  They have a kit to protect the Impala's headlights and fog lights and a kit to protect the hood from flying road debris.  I have been seriously considering getting this after my first rock chip.
Magnet Bra:  This company has cut flexable magnetic sheets into hood protectors.  They have one for the Impala, but it's not listed on their site.  Here is a photo of it.  They carry a car bra for the Impala.  I wish they made the headlight guards for the Impala also.
Cover  Specialized in all types of covers (car, boat, etc).  The ones that fit the Impala run from $35 up to $110.


1A Auto:  They carry a 4 pc. embrodered floor mat kit.  It is not in their on-line catalogue, but HERE is a photo of what the mats look like.
There are a number of places that offer floor mats.  Here is a listing:
Husky Liners:  I wish they had a cargo liner for the trunk.
Mats4Less:  2 pc. set and 4 pc set
MacNeil Automotive Accessories :  They carry the WeatherTech line. Sagaz:  Universal mats.
Thanks to glowworm711 from the Edmund's Town Hall for the links.
Wet Okole:  Okole means your rear, so the name means "Wet Butt Seat Covers."  The covers are made of the same type of material as wet suits for divers and surfers.  You can get into your car while still wet from swimming in the ocean and the covers will protect your seats.
Hawaii Seat Covers:  If you are looking for something different, try Hawaiian print seat covers.  They sell covers for all kinds of seats: Car, truck, office, even toilet seats.  This link will take you directly to the Impala section.
I don't have too much info on this source, but Jose sent me an e-mail address of a person that sells dash kits for the Impala.  I'll try and get more info about the kits.  If you wanted to contact him on your own, the address is:
Saddleman Inc.:  They carry an assortment of items including a dash cover that you can have embroidered with the Impala logo and a monogram.  Link from Justin  This company also sells wood dash kits.  Looking at the kit for the Impala, I think this might be the same product that WoodDash sells.  It is the same price for the flat kit.  They sell self adhesive wood veneer that you attach to the dash and other interior parts of your car.  They have kits for both the base and LS models.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that a similar product didn't look too good.  At the price this place is charging for a kit ($280 for the LS) I hope their product is superior.
Automotive  Another source for wood dashes.  They have a photo of their kit installed in an Impala.
Woodview:  It is so much better to see their kit installed in an Impala than just putting up a drawing of the pieces.  I like the trim piece around the shifter.
Wheelskins:  Leather steering wheel covers.  I might consider a black one for my Impala.  From blckthree.
Taap:  I am a bit at a loss as to what this company sells.  They do carry a replacement air filter for the cabin filtration system and has a cross reference to the stock numbers for other manufacturers.
Truck Vault:  Need to keep something really secure in your trunk?  You might need a Trunk Vault.  Here is the fact sheet on the Impala Trunk Vaults.
dashMount:  This company is based out of the U.K. so buying anything is gonna be expensive.  However, check out this cell phone dash mount.  Anyone know if there is a dealer in the US?

Auto Interior and Upholstery:  Leather seat covers for the Impala.  Link from Cutty

Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Havis:  They sell police/emergency vehicle equipment.  While most of us don't need the 14 gauge steel window guards, I thought the trunk radio tray would be good for A/V installations and according to them, you don't have to drill new holes to mount it.  Visit the site to see what they offer or go to this link for their list of Impala products, or this link to see all their literature on their Consolidator products.
Gamber Johnson:  This company sells equipment mounting hardware.  Want to install a computer in your car?  They have the mounting brackets.  They also carry trunk radio trays, but this one may require drilling to install.
Wattco:  More police stuff.  They had a Impala demo vehicle.
Adamson Industries:  Another source of Police equipment.  They had some interesting items.  For show use ONLY, you could install strobes in your headlights/taillights with Undercover bulbs or one of these kits.  For those of you stereo/A/V buffs, one of these battery savers could keep you from begging for a jump start.
Galls:  You want security equipment?  They have it.  Link provided by Doug.

If you want a push bumper but don't want to alter your Impala, this unit might be what you are looking for.  Recommended by Andrew.
Whelen:  Lights and noise.  *grin*  Also provided by Doug.
Kerr Industries:  They are the "official" source of GM police equipment.  Another great link from Doug.


Crazy Graphics:  Want the look of the LS Sport taillights but don't want to pay the price for the covers?  Check out this site.  Ron has created a vinyl sticker that you can use in place of the GM covers.  These need to be professionally installed due to the curvature of the taillights.  However any experenced sign shop should be able to do it for you.  Go to the How-To section and see how it is installed.
Motorsports Performance Designs:  Tom C from turned me on to this company.  It looks like they are working on a ram air hood for the Imala.  They already have one for the Monte Carlo and have developed a plenium that ducts the air from the hood to a Thrasher cold air box that makes the MC ram air hood fully functional.  If you are interested, drop them a line and let them know what Tom C from sent you.  Thanks Tom!
Trenz:  They make a billet grille for the Impala but don't have photo of it online.
Street Beat Customs:  They carry a billet grille for the Impala.  You can get it with or without the frame.

Thanks to Ray for finding this.
Spoilers4Less:  They carry spoilers for different car models including the Impala.  They also carry floor mats and splash guards.

Sarona:  New body kits for the Impala.  Thanks to Danny for the link.
Razzi:  Want to customize your Impala?  Razzi carries a ground effects kit for both the base and LS models.
Factory Wings:  They carry the Razzi kit for both models of the Impala.
BAGE Co.:  They carry the Impala Razzi kit, Hidden Hitch class II hitch, and... Jamaican fruit cake?  A different body kit for the Impala.  This link should take you directly to the Impala Kit.  Link provided by Dennis.
Automotive Accessories Connection:  They have the Class II Hidden Hitch for the Impala.
Miley RV Parts Store:  They carry the Drawtite Class I Sportsframe hitch for the Impala.
Auto Accessories Zone FX:  They carry a number of items for the Impala.  The Lund plastic bug shield, different bras, clear and smoke headlight covers, Kleen Wheels (install between rim and hub to keep brake dust off) and a few other things.  Just search using "Impala".
Custom Auto Parts.COM:  They have the Auto VentShade smoke headlight covers for $40.  The part number is AV37912.  That link should take you to the right page or you can search on that part number.  The photo they have online is not correct, but the description is right.
Best Darn Parts:  Free Shipping!  Need I say more?  They have the smoke headlight covers for $50 which is a little more than other places, but it comes out cheaper when you factor in the shipping costs.
PowerFlow:  Looking for the molded rear splash guards for your Impala?  The GM ones may be difficult to find.  Powerflow's Pro Fit splash guards could be the answer.  It may still need modification to fit the '01+ models.

I saw these guards at an auto parts store.  They are a universal set that is supposed to fit a large number of cars.  I'm not totally convinced it would look as good as the discontinued rear Chevy ones.  I thought it was funny that the packaging says "No Drilling Required for Installation."  They give you self tapping screws that cut their own hole into the sheetmetal.
Sticker Girl:  Looking for a sticker for your car?  They just may have it.  If not, they will custom make you one.  They have an Impala one that starts at 7" wide up to 19".  Link provided by Jesse.
GrafxWerks:  They sell reflective stickers that can be placed over existing badges and emblems to create a trick nighttime effect.  They have a bunch of things for the Impala.  Check out the script overlays that change from the base color to reflective white when light hits them.
Decal Center:  Want to add some zip to your car?  They have a lot of different stickers as well as an assortment of "Impala" script stickers.

Wheels, Suspension, Brakes

Baer:  If you want to upgrade your braking system, investigate Baer.  Go to the How-To section to see an installation of Baer brakes on an Impala.
EradiSpeed:  A division of Baer that supplies brake rotors.  They offer a limited lifetime warranty against warping.  They also look pretty nice.
Brake Man:  Who says rotors have to be round?  No applications listed for the Impala, but I'm sure if you give them the measurements, they can find a match.
SP Performance:  Want something different for your rotors?  Take a look at the diamond slotted rotors.
National Fleet Parts:  The carry SP Performance rotors.  However, the site allows you to select the Impala, but cannot find the part.
EBC Brakes:  EBC makes brake pads using kevlar.  They say that it provides a better bite and reduces brake dust to 1/3 to 1/2 of what you woud see from normal pads.
Intrax Suspension:  Drew says they have a set of lowering springs that'll drop a 2000-01 Impala a couple tenths of an inch more than the Eibach ones.

They also sell a camber kit which may be required to bring the car back to factory wheel alignment after installing their springs.  According to their site, the part number for the spring kit is 25.1.021 and the part number for the camber kit is 99.9.013
Big Boyz Toys of Arizona:  They sell the Intrax springs for $265 when I last checked.  They also offer free shipping for orders over $100.
Eibach Springs:  They carry as set of springs that will lower the Impala 1.4" on the front and 1.7" on the rear.  You won't find it on their site (their search engine is really bad) but you can find it at
TireRack:  They carry the Eibach springs as well as KYB GS-2 shocks for the Impala.  Discovered by Ray.
AZC Wheels:  They carry the Eibach Springs as well as assorted rims.  Provided by Red.
Complete Wheel Source:  They will chrome plate your Impala wheels.  I am not sure how this works.  I don't know if you have to send in your rims and they will plate them or you can buy the chrome OEM rims from them.  Maybe both.  The part number for the 5 spoke Impala rim is 5082.  When you visit the site, select Luxury Plating from the top menu.
Ronal Wheels:  15"=18" aftermarket rims for your Impala.  They have photos of their rims on an Impala so you can actually see what the combination looks like.  Thanks to 00Impala for the link.
Garden State Hubcap & Wheel:  Hunter39 says they carry the center caps for the 94-96 Impala that will fit on the 2000-01 rims.  The earlier caps look exactly like the '00-'01 caps but have the Impala emblem in the center vice the bowtie.
Logonuts:  They sell air valve nuts for your car and motorcycle.  The caps come in chromed ABS plastic, composite material, or alumnium with a logo of your choice on the top.  Sent in by Mike